KORG i30 File Editing with i30 File Editor

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An Editing Session Example

Let us focus on Style copying, which is the most tedious operation when undertaken on the Workstation.

Suupose we want to replace, in MYNEWSET.STY, Style C42 Latin Pop 3 by Style C13 Acid Funk extracted from MYOLDSET.STY. How can we achieve this with i30 File Editor?

Of course, if we canít find, in MYNEWSET, satisfactory Programs as replacements for Acid Drum and/or Acid Slap, we should answer Cancel (which would abort the copying process) and take care of Programs before attempting transferring the Style again.

Note: By double-clicking Style cell C13 Acid Funk, we could have foreseen this potential problem!

So, letís try to copy Program R57 Acid Drum from MYOLDSET to MYNEWSET:

Note 1: Safety of the above-described process supposes uniqueness of Items Names. Thatís the reason why, all along the editing session, i30 File Editor warns the User if it detects duplicate Names in Arrangements, Styles and Programs that belong to an open Set. A good idea is to change the Names of recently pasted Items as soon as possible.

Note 2: The above-described tasks are even easier with a listing of the initial configuration of each Set involved in the editing process, available with the various Report commands in i30 File Editor .

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