Downloading Korg-i File Editor

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Dowload instructions

User's Manual

Just have a look at the documentation? Download (42 KB) (Word2000™ version of the Help file).

Downloading for the first time

If you've never downloaded Korg-i File Editor before, you not only need the program itself and its auxiliary files (help etc.), but also some standard libraries (DLLs and OCXs) that may not be present in your Windows\System directory.

Consequently, you must:
- download the full distribution package (about 2.2 Mbytes) anywhere on your disk,
- proceed with "Set up instructions/First time Set up" (see below).

Choose below the distribution package (i3, i30 or i40) you need:

Updating a previous release

If you have installed a previous release of this program, the auxiliary libraries are already resident in your system.

In this case, you just have to:
- download the update files (about 280 KBytes),
- proceed with "Set up instructions/Updating" (see below).

Choose below the update (i3, i30 or i40) you need:

Set up instructions

Note: ixx notation used below stands for i3, i30 or i40 according to the family version you have downloaded.

If it is your first time set up

Double-click the compressed downloaded file
It expands into a directory (ixxfedis) that contains the distribution files.
Open this directory, run SETUP.EXE and follow its instructions.

By default, it creates:
- an application directory \Program Files\ixx File Editor,
- shortcut icons for the application and its Help file in the Startup menu (Programs\ixx File Editor).

If you are just updating

Double-click the compressed downloaded file
It expands into a directory (ixxfeupd) that contains the new files.
Open this directory and copy its whole contents (not the directory itself!) into your original application directory (as defined above).
When asked for overwriting the existing files, click All or Yes.

Registration instructions

From now on, Korg-i File Editor is  FREEWARE.

To unlock the full version, please use any of these keys: 1365261819 or 1081668507

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