Update History

Note: Shown in reverse chronological order:

Apr. 2007

"Rode Tuning" pages

Page Forces:
1.2. : Wind velocity Gradient: added comments

Page Anchoring Tackle
Replaced "pulling parallel to the bottom" with "pulling in the appropriate direction..."

Page Dynamic Behaviour - Yawing and Swinging
2. & 3.: minor additions

Sep. 2004

Added an Introduction page for French readers.

"Rode Tuning" pages:

Minor improvements to some pages and spreadsheets.
Some spreadsheets use "macros" only present in Excel2000 or +.

"Electric Cable" page:

Corrected copper resistivity in all spreadsheets.
Added German spreadsheet version (thanks to Thomas for translation :-)

Oct. 2003

"Rode Tuning" pages:

Completed forces, anchor, yawswing, accessories and synthesis pages.
Added yawswing.xls spreadsheet.
Improved all other spreadsheets.

Aug. 2003

1st release.