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Anchoring Tackle

Late afternoon in Isla Testigo Pequeño (Los Testigos, Venezuela)

As most pieces of gear on a boat, each anchoring element has one or more function(s), and must meet several requirements. Let's list them as references for the following pages:

As far as anchoring safety is concerned, the anchor and the rode are the weakest elements. Moreover, they are difficult to select and size according to the surrounding conditions; e.g. the rode length that needs to be adjusted "in the field" and "in real time"!

Other components, either essential (anchor rollers, shackles, bollards, etc.) or optional (windlass, swivels, etc.) can be chosen once for all (see the Accessories chapter).


A real anchor will hold under 2 external necessary conditions:

More on that in the Anchor chapter.


Req. 4 and 5 are dealt with in the static behavior chapter. Req. 6 is studied in the dynamic behavior chapter.

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