KORG i30 Manual File Editing

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i30 File Editor derives from a DOS program designed to help the author customize 32 Styles disk files for his "turbokit upgraded" KORG i3, i.e:

The same need is amplified by the i30, which hosts 48 User Styles.

This operation can be achieved on the i30 itself, indeed, but please look below at the required sequence:

The Toaster Ceremony

And that’s only a small part of the game…

The Links Nightmare

The big problem concerns all i-series models, including those with only 4 User Styles memory.

Each time you change, delete or move an Item, particularly a Program, you can affect its behavior as well as the behavior of Items that are linked to it. Actually, in an i30 Set

As a matter of fact, they don't call them by Names, such as Color Pad or SoulRock 3, but by Reference to their location in memory, such as D57 or U42, without any knowledge of what Programs, Styles etc. have actually been loaded into these locations.

Checking and fixing all existing links turns to a dreadful task entirely left to the User, as we can infer from the simple example below.

An Example

Suppose we want to replace, in MYNEWSET, Style C42 Latin Pop 3 by Style C13 Acid Funk extracted from MYOLDSET.

Correct? No, because

Of course, we can copy Acid Drum into R57 and Acid Slap into G77, but that will overwrite Street Drum and Tuba 4, which may be used elsewhere in MYNEWSET Arrangements, Styles, Backing Sequences, Songs and KBD Sets.

To solve the problem, we must check out all Programs called by all MYNEWSET Arrangements, Styles, Backing Sequences etc. before attempting to overwrite any of them. The same holds for Styles etc.

In our example, browsing MYNEWSET.SET shows that:

So, we "just" have to

If undertaken on the i30, the task soon becomes a nightmare, with dozens of disk inserts and ejects, pressing buttons hundred times etc., and, as a probable result, severe errors.

Compare now with the same task undertaken with i30 File Editor editing process...

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