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Korg-i File FREE Editor

What is Korg-i File Editor?

Korg-i File Editor is the generic name of a family of programs that run on Windows™ 7, Vista, XP, NT4, 2000, 95/98/ME platforms with 8 Mbytes RAM available and at least an 800x600 pixels screen.

Korg-i File Editor helps a KORG™ i-Series Interactive Music Workstation User organize his/her Arrangements, Styles, KBD Sets, Backing Sequences etc. files.

3 KORG i-Series families are currently supported, each one by a specific Korg-i File Editor version:

Note: Tools exist that convert file formats between various standards, e.g. "KORG<" (i5S, i5M, i4S, iX300) to "KORG9" converter. KORG9 files are readable by most KORG-i-Series instruments.

Main features

You can look at an example of an i30 File Editor screen.


Who should use Korg-i File Editor?

If you never tried to delete, move or replace User Arrangements, Styles or Programs on a KORG i-Series Interactive Music Workstation, don't waste your time reading this page! But if you intend to make the most of the tremendous power of this instrument, whatever the model, you certainly need Korg-i File Editor.

There are at least 3 reasons for a serious musician to use Korg-i File Editor :

To convince yourself, please compare the manual editing process with the i30 File Editor editing process.

Moreover, Korg-i File Editor can perform tasks that are impossible to achieve on the instrument itself! Here are some i30 examples:

In addition, you can print a Report of the present state of the whole Set (including Names of all Items and mutual links between them), or a more detailed report of the KBD subset, or the Arrangement subset etc. None of these functions are available on the Korg-i instruments.

Please look at an example of i30 file Editor screen.

Want more information? You can dowload a printable Word2000™ version of the Help file: (42 KB).

Get and Install Korg-i File Editor

Korg-i File Editor is FREEWARE. Installation procedure is described below:

Digging into the factory configuration

The KORG i-Series Interactive Music Workstations are supplied with a factory preloaded Set (User Arrangements, Styles, Programs etc.). Only the names of its Arrangements, Styles and Programs are given in KORG's documentation. If you want to know more details, ask Korg-i File Editor! Example:

If you are wondering what are the Programs used by the 64 KBD Sets of your i30, or if G73 UdermetalRecall Program is used and by which Arrangement(s), have a look at I30PLOAD.SET Reports, which have been compiled by some i30 File Editor Create Report File commands (160 KBytes).

Many more informations can be extracted by other Korg-i File Editor Create Subset Report File commands.

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